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Hi, just wanted to say I really enjoyed this and played till I got my time down to a little above two minutes. Was surprisingly addicting. Were you going to update this in the future? If so, I thought I'd suggest having idle animations for the dragon, like rubbing his belly, especially when it gets full. And maybe occasional dialogues bubbles from the dragon, like "you were tasty!" or "oh, so full...." Also, maybe have different pallet-swap dragons to play as, male, female, different color schemes, etc.

Good luck in your future endeavors, and thank you.

You should probably mark the LOVE bundle version as also being macOS and Android compatible.

Thanks for the suggestion - I've marked it as Mac and Windows compatible, but I'm wary of marking it as Android compatible since it can't be played without a keyboard.

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Ah, good point. Thanks, in any case!

This doesn't seem to work in Windows 10.. :( The most that is happening is I can kind of scroll across what seems to be the top of the screen. Never saw that blue dragon in your screenshots.. (Heh, 4:20) I saw a tiny dude chilling on top of a building eventually.. I can check on my Win7 machine later.

Yeah it's the same here, i've win10 too.

same problem on Win 7 for me, all I get is a cityscape that scrolls when I use the left/right arrow keys

I've tested the game myself on Windows 7 and Windows 10 and haven't been able to replicate this bug. Is it happening every time you launch the game?

I've uploaded a new version which should fix this problem. If it's still not working, let me know!

Working now, thanks :)

Yeah it works !!

It's not working for me on WIN10 as of 03/06

Could you please describe the problem you're having?

Same problem as previous commenters - Blue dragon character does not show up but I can move left and right across the screen.

Ok, I've uploaded a new version which should hopefully fix this issue for good, but if not, let me know.