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You should probably mark the LOVE bundle version as also being macOS and Android compatible.

Thanks for the suggestion - I've marked it as Mac and Windows compatible, but I'm wary of marking it as Android compatible since it can't be played without a keyboard.

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Ah, good point. Thanks, in any case!

This doesn't seem to work in Windows 10.. :( The most that is happening is I can kind of scroll across what seems to be the top of the screen. Never saw that blue dragon in your screenshots.. (Heh, 4:20) I saw a tiny dude chilling on top of a building eventually.. I can check on my Win7 machine later.

Yeah it's the same here, i've win10 too.

same problem on Win 7 for me, all I get is a cityscape that scrolls when I use the left/right arrow keys

I've tested the game myself on Windows 7 and Windows 10 and haven't been able to replicate this bug. Is it happening every time you launch the game?

I've uploaded a new version which should fix this problem. If it's still not working, let me know!

Working now, thanks :)

Yeah it works !!

It's not working for me on WIN10 as of 03/06

Could you please describe the problem you're having?

Same problem as previous commenters - Blue dragon character does not show up but I can move left and right across the screen.

Ok, I've uploaded a new version which should hopefully fix this issue for good, but if not, let me know.