A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A tornado is heading towards North City! Most civilians have been evacuated, but a few remain stranded atop the city's tallest buildings. Enter the Swallow Squad, an elite rescue team known for their agility... and for holding rescuees in their stomachs to protect them from harm. As Vern, a member of the Swallows, you have been deployed to North City to gather the remaining evacuees, but be careful - the added weight of all those survivors will restrict your movement!

Created as an entry for Strawberry Jam. Full source code can be found here. There's no audio due to time constraints, sorry!


  • Left/right arrow to move
  • Space to jump, or to double/triple jump in mid-air
  • Hold space to jump higher
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Made withLÖVE
TagsDragons, Furry, Non violent, Short, vore


Swallow Squad - Windows (standalone) 3 MB
Version 2 Mar 08, 2017
Swallow Squad - Universal (requires Löve) 508 kB
Version 2 Mar 08, 2017

Install instructions

The Windows-only version is standalone - just unzip it and run swallow-squad.exe.

The universal version requires the Löve framework, which can be obtained here. Run with the following command:

love swallow-squad.love


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Excuse me, does Vern have any extended copyright?

I mean, is it possible to freely draw fan art of the Main Character without fear of being accused of taking the character without permission?

Need to know... For a friend.

im on chrome so


Are you planning on making any other kind of variations to this game using the same mechanics you had in it before in a completely different version that you have in mind and might make later, or do you just plan on improving it bit by bit later on down the road?

It doesn't work it keeps taking me to my ibis paint

How do I download this

I cant open it in mac so can you make the download separate  

well for M1 chip the newest edition 


Nah... ill just let you digest in my belly


Is this vore?


Will this be made to work on android


In theory it should be possible to play the universal version on Android provided a keyboard is plugged into the device, but as this game was created for a game jam over 3 years ago I have no intention of going back to add touchscreen support, sorry.

Darn, the for the reply

Awww, this was so nice!! Simple but sweet. It's fun to be able to play a safe vore game like this <3

This was amazing can you make like a seqel to this and it would have more levels maybe it would have audio idc and She would get bigger or something btw really enjoyebe game 

Hi, just wanted to say I really enjoyed this and played till I got my time down to a little above two minutes. Was surprisingly addicting. Were you going to update this in the future? If so, I thought I'd suggest having idle animations for the dragon, like rubbing his belly, especially when it gets full. And maybe occasional dialogues bubbles from the dragon, like "you were tasty!" or "oh, so full...." Also, maybe have different pallet-swap dragons to play as, male, female, different color schemes, etc.

Good luck in your future endeavors, and thank you.

You should probably mark the LOVE bundle version as also being macOS and Android compatible.

Thanks for the suggestion - I've marked it as Mac and Windows compatible, but I'm wary of marking it as Android compatible since it can't be played without a keyboard.

(1 edit) (+1)

Ah, good point. Thanks, in any case!

This doesn't seem to work in Windows 10.. :( The most that is happening is I can kind of scroll across what seems to be the top of the screen. Never saw that blue dragon in your screenshots.. (Heh, 4:20) I saw a tiny dude chilling on top of a building eventually.. I can check on my Win7 machine later.

Yeah it's the same here, i've win10 too.

same problem on Win 7 for me, all I get is a cityscape that scrolls when I use the left/right arrow keys

I've tested the game myself on Windows 7 and Windows 10 and haven't been able to replicate this bug. Is it happening every time you launch the game?

I've uploaded a new version which should fix this problem. If it's still not working, let me know!

Working now, thanks :)

Yeah it works !!

It's not working for me on WIN10 as of 03/06

Could you please describe the problem you're having?

Same problem as previous commenters - Blue dragon character does not show up but I can move left and right across the screen.

Ok, I've uploaded a new version which should hopefully fix this issue for good, but if not, let me know.