It's 3am at ████████████████ Research Facility, deep below the mountains of ███████. A lone janitor works the night shift, cleaning up the mess the facility's scientists have created in their pursuit of some new form of industrial lubricant. "There's a strange tranquility to the place at night" she begins to think, but is suddenly cut off by mechanical howling - the sound of lockdown procedures trapping her alone within the bleak corridors of the laboratory.

A slime-centric puzzle game made in 4 weeks for Strawberry Jam 3. Godot's HTML5 exports have some issues with audio lag, so downloading the executable is recommended.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • R to restart the current room
  • Space to advance dialogue


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I loved the game hope for it to be updated if possible its just that great!


Nice! It's like if Changed were about puzzles rather than running as fast as possible. Love the dialogue, really wish there were more!

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I loved the dialogue in this game! It's funny and I'm glad that the narrator isn't ineffectual. And the "getting sucked into a slime" animation is fantastic :D

Oh, and the death animation! It's well worth dying once :)

Your best game yet, IMO!