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why is there no android?


I made this for a game jam and was working up until the deadline, so the idea of building it for mobile platforms never crossed my mind. With the way the game is now, a port isn't feasible without a bunch of extra work as there's no way to access the pause menu without a keyboard and some of the preview functions would need to be adapted to use touch screen gestures. But - if I ever come back to working on this, porting it to mobile is definitely on the to-do list.

Ok thanks for telling me

There is also a website/app you can use where you have a mouse a keyboard and gameboy controls

It could be nice to be able to play it windowed, because some of us have smol screens 

The game runs windowed by default, but at a fixed 1280x720 resolution - if your monitor is smaller than this I suppose it would get cut off. Unfortunately there's no simple way to fix this as a lot of the UI element positions are hardcoded, but a fix will come if I ever resume working on this game.

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