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Another day at the local adult store. You're working the custom dildo counter, using the Dild Builder to cook up whatever wild sex toys each customer requests.

Should you fail... nothing bad will happen. Money was phased out decades ago, and you're just here because you want to be. But the customer will be displeased, and so they won't count towards your total.

Give it your best shot!

(Created for Strawberry Jam 2018.)

How to play:
Each customer will approach and place an order. Once you have the order memorised, hit the big arrow on the right to switch to the Dild Builder view. Here, use the menus to create a dildo that fits the customer's request. Once the dildo is complete, click the print button in the top right corner to print the dildo and exit the Dild Builder view.

Press Esc to pause the game. Everything else is controlled by the mouse.

When in the Dild Builder view, you can click and drag with the left or right mouse buttons to move or rotate the image, respectively. Likewise, scrolling the mouse wheel will zoom the image in and out.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
Made withLÖVE
Tagsdildos, Generator, Non violent, NSFW, Point & Click, sexual-content
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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Build-A-Dild! - Windows 26 MB
Version 1
Build-A-Dild! - OS X 28 MB
Version 1
Build-A-Dild! - Universal (requires LÖVE) 23 MB
Version 1

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LÖVE version not working on my Archlinux

love buildadild.love Error: engine/audio.lua:32: bad argument #2 to 'newSource' (string expected, got no value) stack traceback: lib/hump/gamestate.lua:89: in function 'handler' [love "boot.lua"]:345: in function <[love "boot.lua"]:341> [C]: in function 'newSource' engine/audio.lua:32: in function 'newSound' scenes/mainmenu.lua:99: in function 'switch' main.lua:58: in function 'load' [love "callbacks.lua"]:136: in function <[love "callbacks.lua"]:135> [C]: in function 'xpcall' [love "boot.lua"]:361: in function <[love "boot.lua"]:348> [C]: in function 'xpcall'

Running the windows version with wine works fine tho.

Love this wee hidden gem, nothing beats some wholesome dildo creation

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why is there no android?


I made this for a game jam and was working up until the deadline, so the idea of building it for mobile platforms never crossed my mind. With the way the game is now, a port isn't feasible without a bunch of extra work as there's no way to access the pause menu without a keyboard and some of the preview functions would need to be adapted to use touch screen gestures. But - if I ever come back to working on this, porting it to mobile is definitely on the to-do list.

Ok thanks for telling me

There is also a website/app you can use where you have a mouse a keyboard and gameboy controls

It could be nice to be able to play it windowed, because some of us have smol screens 


The game runs windowed by default, but at a fixed 1280x720 resolution - if your monitor is smaller than this I suppose it would get cut off. Unfortunately there's no simple way to fix this as a lot of the UI element positions are hardcoded, but a fix will come if I ever resume working on this game.

Deleted 3 years ago

aahhahahahah i love this comment so much i can't-

What was the comment